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Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate

Commercial and residential real estate represents significant opportunity and risk. With the high cost of land and the complicated legal landscape involved, businesses and individuals face very real risks when engaging in any type of real estate matter.

At the law firm of Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett, our three attorneys bring more than 100 combined years of legal experience to every case we handle. We represent clients in Macon and throughout the surrounding areas in Georgia in a range of transactions and disputes in commercial and residential real estate.

Real Estate Transactions

We represent clients in transactional real estate matters that include:

  • Closings: Not only is an attorney required for a real estate closing in Georgia, but it is also extremely valuable to have a lawyer with you at a closing. There are many legal details, and a lot can happen in the course of a closing. An experienced attorney can protect your interests and make sure the closing goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Title searches: Clear title is a critical part of a real estate transaction, without which there could be issues with ownership down the road. Our lawyers conduct title searches and handle quiet title actions.
  • Zoning and land use: Before purchasing a property, make sure the land is zoned for the intended use. This is especially important in commercial real estate transactions.

By handling these transactional disputes carefully on the front end, we can avoid costly disputes in most cases.

Real Estate Disputes

We also handle issues that include:

These are just a few of the disputes that arise in the context of commercial and residential real estate.

We protect our clients who are involved in real estate disputes. In every real estate dispute we handle, we focus first on assertive negotiation to resolve the issues out of court if possible. If that option is not available, we take an aggressive and strategic approach to courtroom litigation to make sure we get the most favorable results possible for our clients.

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