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Success breeds success. For any business, the legal experts with whom you partner will have a definitive impact on your long-term success.

At Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett, we have a track record of successful representation for businesses and corporations in Macon and throughout the surrounding areas in Georgia. We are a well-respected institution in Macon, and we take great pride in the exceptional legal services we provide for local businesses.

Business Entity Formation

Our attorneys help clients at the beginning of entrepreneurial ventures. The services of our experienced legal team provide invaluable help for clients forming their own new business ventures. We help our clients with:

  • Entity selection, whether a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC) or other business entity type
  • Initial business plans, operating documents and best practices
  • Employment contracts and related issues
  • Filing with the secretary of state

All the issues you will face when starting a new business have long-term legal and financial ramifications. Failure to handle these matters well can be catastrophic for a new business venture.

Our lawyers can walk you through every step of the process to protect your interests and establish your business for success.

Business Collections

Unfortunately, customers don’t always pay their bills, and businesses need to invest in collections. One of the biggest challenges for most businesses is determining which accounts are worth collecting on. Our lawyers conduct in-depth cost-benefit analyses between the cost of collection and the expected return.

If we determine that collection is the best option, we approach collections aggressively and efficiently to make sure our clients’ businesses get the best possible returns on their investment.

Buying And Selling A Business

There are numerous legal complications involved with the purchase and sale of a business. Mergers, acquisitions and the transfer of ownership are complicated legal agreements. Our attorneys provide sound legal counsel and contractual oversight for asset and stock sales.

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