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Attorneys With Deep Roots In Macon

When seeking out legal counsel, it is critical to make sure your attorneys have enough knowledge and experience to handle your case. But another important factor, often forgotten, is the connection your attorneys have to your local community. While there are numerous options in surrounding towns and, certainly, the big city, having lawyers working with you who know the area and are rooted in the community can make a tremendous difference in your case. This local connection is especially important in real estate transactions as well as various business law matters that can arise.

At Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett, we are deeply rooted in Macon, Georgia. Our office is located in the former Capricorn Recording Studios (CRS) offices, home to some of the most legendary Southern artists in our nation’s history, including The Marshall Tucker Band, Otis Redding and The Allman Brothers Band. While we provide services to clients throughout the area, our primary concern is serving our local clients. We are deeply invested in our community and proud of our roots here.

A Strong Legal Team

The center of our law firm is our exceptional attorneys. The firm was built by J. Wayne Crowley, now deceased, and Charles M. Leverett, who is now retired. It is now primarily run by attorney J. Steven Bloodworth, who has practiced law for more than 15 years. He is joined by attorney Jackson Turner. Together our exceptional knowledge and experience help us provide our clients with comprehensive legal counsel and advocacy.

Strategic, Effective Advocacy

Our firm is somewhat unique in that we do a significant amount of litigation. Many firms focus on settlements outside of court, taking only the cases that represent easy victories. At Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett, we take pride in our willingness to fight for our clients in court when needed. Further, we thrive on cases that other law firms won’t touch. In tough litigation, we focus on sound legal strategy and an aggressive approach to protecting our clients’ interests.

Whether we are dealing with a legal dispute or something less confrontational, like planning the transfer of assets in an estate plan, we analyze cases from both legal and economic standpoints to make sure we help our clients find favorable solutions to their legal issues.

A legal matter is most easily handled by confident legal advisers with well-conceived legal strategies. You should expect that from your legal counsel.

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We have built a strong track record of success over the years. To discuss your legal issues with an attorney from our firm, call 478-772-3938 or fill out our online contact form.