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Three ways to avoid a future boundary dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Firm News

Landowners who are uncertain about the exact boundaries of their property are surprisingly common. However, purchasing property without a clear understanding of its limits could invite future disputes with your neighbors.

These disputes often arise when individuals want to put up fences or extend the home in an area they believe is their property but to which their neighbor says otherwise. Beyond being an uncomfortable situation, unresolved boundary disputes may require legal intervention.

What might begin as a minor disagreement can quickly escalate, disrupting the peace of your home life. To spare yourself from the stress, there are several steps you can consider taking before finalizing a purchase.

Conduct a new land survey

A property survey confirms the precise boundaries of a given property to which the owner is legally entitled. It also reveals any encroachments or irregularities that could be a point of contention. Before closing a deal, it is advisable to seek a licensed surveyor to determine the exact measurements and boundary markers of the property you’re interested in.

It is crucial to get an updated property survey, as outdated records may no longer accurately reflect current boundaries. If you plan to make changes in the future and unknowingly end up encroaching on your neighbor’s property, you could face legal action.

Verify deed records

The property deed and title records hold crucial information regarding the property’s boundaries. Cross-reference these documents with your current land survey to ensure consistency or to spot discrepancies.

Involve a real estate attorney

Boundary disputes can give rise to tension that overshadows the joy of new homeownership. By taking the time to check legal documents thoroughly, you can protect your investment. However, this may be difficult to accomplish alone.

Strive to address potential issues early on by involving a seasoned real estate attorney. With their guidance, you may be able to attain a peaceful resolution to the dispute or prepare for litigation otherwise.