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You work your entire life to build your estate. While you are alive, that estate funds your lifestyle. However, after you pass, that estate funds your legacy. Unfortunately, the estate planning and probate process are complicated and fraught with legal landmines. That is why we are the firm you choose when a good enough estate plan is not enough.

What about those online services?

At Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett, we help you figure out your needs, and then design a way for you to get there and accomplish your goals. With the do-it-yourself websites and online estate plans, all of your work may not be enforceable. Often, these forms are too general and not legally enforceable in Georgia. This means that you are simply losing your money and wasting your time, which is what our firm ensures that does not happen. We protect your interests.

The experience to be your asset

With over 100 years of combined legal experience, Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett our clients know we are their assets and can trust our counsel. For each client in Macon and throughout the area in Georgia, we take the time to understand the issue to provide sound legal counsel. This is something that online services simply cannot provide: peace of mind.

We also know that a fully enforceable estate plan is more than just a will. A comprehensive estate plan includes a will, medical health care directives, trust instruments, powers of attorney, guardianships and, conservatorships. And, we tailor these documents to your financial needs and goals to minimize taxes and fees.

On your side

The attorneys at Bloodworth, Crowley & Leverett understand estate planning and probate process. We strategize with you now to avoid issues with probate and taxes later. In the end, our job is to build your Macon, Georgia, legacy.